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This morning, while taking a shower, I came up with a possible solution to a problem that was vexing me all day yesterday at work. I also realized that, on a different task altogether, I forgot to complete some paperwork.

This is not the first time I've solved problems while in the shower* and I dare say it won't be the last. If I had taken a shower yesterday afternoon, I would have solved the problem a full 18 hours earlier. As a side benefit, I would smell fresh and clean in the afternoon.

My point is I think they should install a shower in my office.

*I've also had dreams that helped solve problems for me - though I don't remember them being work related. Once I had a tiny leak in my water-bed and I couldn't find the pinprick hole that was the source of the leak. One evening I had a dream where I was methodically moving the mostly empty water-bed bladder around looking for leaks: empty enough to allow me to move it around but enough water in it to allow me to see water leaking out of it. The next day, I did what the dream told me and I found the leak (it took longer to drain the bed then it did to find the leak). So I take possible solutions from my dream seriously.

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