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More Random Thoughts About CGE2K10

Immediately after posting my last Blog, more Random thoughts about CGE occurred to me. Here they are:

- Favorite question at CGE: Kevin (retroyoungen) asked why the female employees at Home Depot in Las Vegas were so hot. Was it a Las Vegas thing or what? We figured it was either because they were laid off from a local stripper bar, came to Vegas for a stripper but weren't hired by a stripper bar and they took the Home depot job instead or the Home Depot job was a second job to supplement their stripper earnings. In either case we figured it was some kind slowdown in the stripper economy (less tourists in general at Vegas or a general slowdown in stripper bar attendance).

- Strange Neighbors: There was another convention going on at the same time as CGE: National Association of Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Club held their National Convention there. There was no mistaking a CGE goer and A Buffalo Soldier Conventioneer: The Buffalo soldiers wore distinctive Blue & Yellow and even Brown & Yellow shirts and pants. A few were decked out in full Civil War Union Cavalry uniforms. There was no difficulty in distinguishing between a Buffalo Soldier and a CGE attendee (who normally wore jeans and a T-shirt with some kind of video game related image - Pac-Man, Atari etc.). The only bad aspect of having a Motorcycle club convention at the same time as CGE is that the hotel blocked off a big chunk of the parking garage for the motorcycles. That meant I had to park at the outside lot which meant more walking for me. Grrr.

- Cool Shirt Bro! speaking of Video game shirts, I was wearing an Atari shirt on Sunday and someone stopped me and asked me where I got it. Answer: Amazon.com. Actually several of Amazon's associate stores had them but Amazon got me there quickly. I bought the shirts a month ago and the experience was much more pleasant than the first time I bought an Atari T-shirt. This was back in early 2002 and I had to perform several searches before I could find an online store that sold them (no luck finding any in town). That T-shirt was lost or stolen long ago and I was dragging my feet on getting a replacement since I remembered the Herculean effort to get it. Now it's easy-peasy.

- No Program - One big disappointment for me this year was that there was no CGE Program for this year's event. That was one of only a few pieces of swag I was looking forward to get (along with my CGE badge). Instead of a program there was a letter from Joe thanking us for coming, how great it was to have CGE again and other pleasantries. A program usually lists the alumni who will attend, layout of the floor and other useful and wonderful things. No such luck this time. Bummer.

- What? No Gambling? - I didn't gamble one bit at Vegas this year. Nope. Not even once. Including a flyby trip in 1977, this year marks my 10th trip to Las Vegas. On most of the trips I would give the one-armed bandit a try (Gambling tables like Blackjack, Roulette and Craps intimidate the hell out of me) on most of my trips but not this year. I was planning on putting in $20 or $40 in a machine this time around but I didn't feel like it. I wasn't in a "gambling" mood. Retro video games are more fun. This aspect of the trip was a little embarrassing after I returned home. Friends and family would ask me how much I gambled at Vegas and I would have to tell them (awkwardly) that I didn't gamble. Most people understood and said they didn't gamble either but I did get an odd look every once in a while. **shrug** Been there, done that. I'm a Vegas veteran now. Gambling doesn't attract me.

By the way, my last post may not have appeared quite as Random as I advertised. That's because I took the time to put them in roughly chronological order. They initially came out of my head in random order but I felt the compulsive need to sort them by time.

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