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Ubikuberalles Inarticulate Grunts

**grunt** **grunt**

I was born near the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth Minnesota. When I was five years old my Mom took my brother, my sister and myself on a trip to Germany. We boarded the cruise liner S.S. United States (boat trips were cheaper than airplane trips in those days) in NYC and disembarked somewhere in France. We visited Paris, Munich, my mother's home town of Kulmbach and Czechoslovakia (where my mom was born). On the return home we boarded the german liner Berlin (it wasn't nearly as fancy as the United States). Here's a picture (from lreft to right) of me, my sister and my brother in New York Harbor just before the trip ended:

My life went downhill from there. Well, sure, I've done things since then, like get a college education, buy a house and car and stuff like that. But nothing compares to taking a trip to Germany in the S.S. United States! (Unless it's a trip to the moon! :D).